About Me

My name is Vivien & I am a semi-professional photographer based in Berlin, Germany.

For me, photography is about capturing life’s special ‘moments’ in the making. My passion for conveying this to others through my work is unrelenting.

I first developed a passion for cameras as a child, when I would closely observe my father during the vacations that we would take to the mountains & valleys of his native Italy. His great interest in capturing Tuscany’s natural surroundings fascinated me. I certainly owe my love of photography to him. Through my travelling, my style has been evolving ever since & is showcased for you here.

My chosen areas of specialization are landscapes & nature, portraits, architecture & documentary-style shots.

The 6 photographs in my documentary-style gallery (a series of shots taken in Bosnia & Herzegovina where I lived for 3 years) won the First prize award in the London Photographic Association's 'All Along the Watchtower' competition in 2005.

I have also often photograghed events for a cultural center, classical concerts & political conventions, local magazines & newspapers. I also photograph people's family events, such as weddings, etc.

Please contact me for any general enquiries that you may have. All images that you see are copyright protected. Enjoy.